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Get a Card

A library card is provided free of charge to any person who wishes to borrow library materials or use library computers, and can be obtained at any branch of the Marion County Public Library System.  Applicants must apply for a card in person.  Only one card is allowed per individual.  Library cards expire every two years but can be renewed as long as all outstanding fines and fees are paid in full.

Eligibility and Registration

Marion County Public Library System borrowing privileges are extended free of charge to anyone domiciled in the state of West Virginia.  In order to borrow materials from the Marion County Public Library System, library users must register for a Marion County Public Library System card.    Library cards will be issued for 2 years and will expire on the anniversary of the registration date. 

All applicants for library cards must provide proof of his/her current residents and photo identification.  Identification with only a Post Office Box will require proof of a street address.  A General Delivery address is not acceptable.

Photo ID from one of the following:

  • Valid West Virginia driver’s license with current address
  • West Virginia DMV-issued  state ID card with current address
  • Government-issued Military ID

If address on photo ID is not current or not included on card we require current address verification from one of the following:

  • Current utility bill (past 60 days)
  • Valid vehicle registration
  • Pay stub with printed address
  • Current Medicaid card with address
  • Bank statement with address
  • Court issued documents
  • School transcript
  • Mortgage paperwork, lease, rent receipt, or property deed

Alternate identification may be accepted at the discretion of the Librarian or Branch Manager.

MINOR CARDS:  Cards for children under the age of 18 must be obtained by the child’s responsible parent or legal guardian, require the signature of said adult who must be present and provide the same eligibility and verification standards required for an adult card.  Parents or guardians will be responsible for all items checked out on their children’s cards.  Minor cards do not carry DVD borrowing privileges unless specifically authorized by the responsible parent or guardian, or unless that parent or guardian is present.

INTERNET ONLY CARDS:  Gives patrons access to computers and Internet access at all library branches but does not include any other privileges.  Applicants must provide a photo ID with proof of age.  Cards are issued only to adults age 18 or over.  Internet cards may be issued to minors ages 13-17 but must be requested by the child’s responsible parent or legal guardian, who must supply the required photo ID.  Minors under age 13 may not obtain Internet cards.

RESTRICTIONS:  Cardholders assume responsibility for all items checked out on the card.  Corporate cards are issued at the discretion of the Library Director or Branch Manager.

LOST CARDS:  Initial library cards are issued free of charge under the conditions listed above.  Replacement cost for lost, missing, damaged cards is $0.50 for library cards and $2.00 for Internet cards.  Replacement cards for minors will only be issued to the child’s responsible parent or legal guardian; all requests must be made in person at any library branch.