Community Service Programs of West Alabama

community service programs

of west alabama, inc

Information and Referrals

Through information and referrals, CSP connects families with services and resources that aid in household stability and the goal of self-sufficiency.  CSP provides information and referrals to households that need services which may or may not be provided by CSP. Through information and referrals, CSP assists approximately 15,000 households.  

CSP has partnered with several local agencies and churches to provide families with assistance through information and referrals.  To receive a referral to a partner agency or organization you must meet the program’s household income requirements. (Please note chart below)

In addition to meeting income requirements, you must also provide picture identification for head of household, proof of income for all household members, verification of zero income for ages 18 and older, Social Security Cards for ALL household members and proof of residence to the CSP office in order to receive a referral.

Number of persons in household 100% of 2016 Poverty Guideline 125% of 2016 Poverty Guideline Household Gross Monthly Income
1 $11,700 $14,712 $1,226
2 $15,930 $19,912 $1,659
3 $20,090 $25,112 $2,093
4 $24,250 $30,312 $2,526
5 $28,410 $35,512 $2,959
6 $32,570 $40,712 $3,393
7 $36,730 $45,912 $3,826
8 $40,890 $51,112 $4,259
Add $4,160 for each additional household member.